Current Caregiving Stories

family story 3Doctor tells daughter she has what it takes to care for her parents at home

Both of Chantha’s parents have lived with her family for years. Everyone looks after each other in this busy household of eight, including Chantha’s four children. When her parents got a little older and were each hospitalized multiple times, Chantha realized that they needed more care than she was able to give while holding down a full-time Biotech job. That’s when a doctor told her about Caregiver Homes. He explained it had helped several of his patients and encouraged her to become a full-time caregiver at home. She now cares for both parents, prepping meals, attending doctors’ appointments and going on long walks with them for exercise. She says things don’t really slow down much around their house, but she loves to see how her parents light up when they are with her children. She believes so much in the support she has received from Caregiver Homes that she regularly recommends it to others who might be eligible.

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