Current Caregiving Stories

family story 4Mother Cares For 23-Year-Old Son With Ataxia

Marilyn’s son Roberto was diagnosed with Ataxia, a progressive neurological disorder, at a young age. He first started to show signs of the disease when he was 11, and by the time he was 20, Marilyn sought the support of Caregiver Homes. She first heard about the program from a friend at the local Adult Day Care Center. As Roberto’s Ataxia continues to progress, he faces more and more tremors, balance issues and extreme fatigue. While Roberto is capable of many daily tasks, the exhaustion that comes along with Ataxia means that Marilyn helps him regularly with bathing, dressing and feeding. Marilyn believes that “family should stick together” and attributes the support of Caregiver Homes with making it possible to care for her son at home. 

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