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As a professional, you want to be sure the partners you work with are making a positive difference in the lives of your patients and clients. That confidence may come from individual stories, the expertise we share through our blog, population-wide measures of clinical and social success, or all of the above. For the families and professionals we serve today, that confidence comes from direct experience and the trusting relationship we aspire to develop with all our professional partners.

Because you may not have had much direct experience with Caregiver Homes and Structured Family Caregiving up to now, we seek to provide you with relevant data about the results of our programs and the populations we serve. Results and population information can be found on this page in the form of simple charts.

Who do we serve?

  • We serve individuals from ages 16 to 100+ years of age and of all ethnicities and cultures.
  • To qualify for Caregiver Homes, consumers must require some daily help with personal care needs.
  • Individuals we serve are also medically complex, and many have a behavioral health diagnosis which can make disease self-management and caregiving more challenging.

Measurable Results Graph 1What are the key outcomes?
There are hundreds of potential outcome measures and dozens we track internally. Three are representative of the success of our consumers, caregivers, and professional teams:

  • First, reported consumer and caregiver satisfaction with Caregiver Homes is high.
  • Second, lengths of stay in the program are long. This is a good thing because our goal is to support successful and sustainable care at home, thereby avoiding or delaying institutional care.
  • Third, use of inpatient and post-acute care among our consumers is low, thanks to our work with families to prevent, manage, and coordinate care.

results-graph2How do we do it?

  • Our success starts with consumers and caregivers, who choose this live-in care and support model. Caregivers, both relatives and non-relatives, are credentialed and trained.
  • Caregiver-consumer families are served by our diverse professional staff of more than 200 nurses, social workers, and other professionals, who bring passion and experience to each unique situation. Each caregiver is provided with training, support and financial assistance in the form of a tax-free daily stipend based on the care needs of the consumer.
  • Caregiver Homes is also a leader in the use of technology in the community. We manage assessments, plans of care, home visits, daily caregiver notes, and special situations like high-risk case conferences through the Caregiver Homes Care Management System.

To learn more about how we work or to be connected with the Caregiver Homes Director in your state, please contact Emily Pierce, External Relations Coordinator
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 617-456-3754).


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