Caring for Individuals with Disabilities

We're here to help.

We’re here for individuals with disabilities, here for caregivers and here for professionals in the community. Our goal is to support individuals with disabilities in utilizing long term services and supports in the way that best suits their needs and desires, and so we work to support the caregivers and professionals with what they need to make that happen. From checking in with all families after a power outage or natural disaster and sending an update to their doctors, to allowing healthcare professionals access to the consumer health reports submitted daily, we are here to help.

If you know of a family caring for someone with a significant mental or physical disability that could benefit from 24/7, around-the-clock care, consider whether Structured Family Caregiving might work for them. The family may currently be providing the care, perhaps even modifying their home to be more accessible but is now realizing that it is getting harder to continue to provide enough care.

Now may be the right time for a family member to become a full-time, live-in caregiver or to access additional support and services to be successful in that role. Let them know what their options are. It’s challenging work. But it’s also deeply satisfying. If they want to be a caregiver, help them to understand that they can, and they will have support every step of the way.


Although a caregiver is often a family member, he or she can be anyone willing to live with a consumer, provide support as needed around the clock, and care like family. All family and non-family caregivers are credentialed by Caregiver Homes professional teams.

We encourage you to read the stories of others who have decided to become caregivers to individuals with disabilities.

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