Qualifying for Caregiver Homes

What it takes to qualify for Caregiver Homes.

To qualify, the individual needing care must be eligible for Medicaid, need 24-hour care and supervision, and require help from a caregiver with one or more daily personal care needs. i.e. bathing, dressing, walking, transferring, eating, and toileting.


We carefully screen interested caregivers to ensure they are suited to making a full-time, around-the-clock care commitment. The screening process includes a telephone conversation, written application, background check, face-to-face interview and home assessment.


If you are interested in learning more, referring someone to the program, or applying to participate in Structured Family Caregiving from Caregiver Homes, please use this contact form to get started. You can also call us for a telephone screening at (866) 797-2333.


Here's how the qualification process works:


1) Once an application form has been received and fits the above criteria, the potential consumer and caregiver (if known at this time) meet with our professional team for a clinical assessment.  The Commonwealth or State must approve the consumer for participation based on the results of the clinical assessment as well as financial eligibility.


2) We work to match consumers and caregivers. Many elders or individuals with disabilities enter the program with a caregiver such as a family member or friend. If necessary, we will work with the participant and family to find the best possible match for the participant's needs and preferences.


3) Once the consumer and caregiver are living together in the same home, our professional team will develop an individualized care plan and provide training and ongoing support.

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