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Justine6 years later, this family still pulls together to recover from a daughter’s car accident

You’d never guess when you met 22-year-old Justine that she has been through years of intensive therapy for a brain injury. She is funny, happy, focused on the future and surprising everyone with her recovery. But this hasn’t come easily. After a 20-day coma, broken hip, fractured neck and severe right side brain injury, Justine had to relearn everything from walking to writing a grocery list. Due to memory and perception issues, Justine cannot be left alone and so her close-knit family has pulled together. The family is “very appreciative for Caregiver Homes and other programs that help not only financially but also emotionally.” They value how Caregiver Homes always asks how they are doing. The dark days are what have propelled this family to fight for Justine and advocate for every family affected by a brain injury.


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