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DanaFamily Comes Together To Care For Son After His Traumatic Brain Injury

It has been a long road of recovery for Dana, 31, since his fall from a two-story balcony.

He endured five months in a coma, seven brain surgeries, and countless doctors’ visits. Now five years out, he still faces many of the memory and perception challenges, seizures, surgeries, and emotional outbursts  often experienced by people with brain injuries. His younger brother is his full-time caregiver, but it was his mother who first found Caregiver Homes through a recommendation from another parent of a child with special needs. The family credits the consistency of the Caregiver Homes team with helping them find the right support for Dana. Since caring for him at home, the family has noticed Dana has had fewer seizures and required less medication. He just interviewed to work at a local greenhouse in an effort to regain some of his independence and now uses an iPad to help him communicate. Dana’s neurologist claims he has never had a patient that has been able to recover in the ways that Dana has. There’s a lot more to accomplish, but Dana’s future looks bright and his family will be right there beside him to help him succeed.

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