Caregiver Homes of Ohio

Caring for Individuals with Disabilities in Ohio.

Caregiver Homes of Ohio supports caregivers and families in providing high-quality, 24-hour care at home for individuals with disabilities in need of physical care and assistance. We’ll help make it possible for you, a family member or a friend, to become the primary in-home caregiver by providing you with the support and financial assistance you need. Daily stipend amounts are determined by level of care and state Adult Foster Care regulations. Stipends are non-taxable and non-reportable.


Although a caregiver is often a family member, he or she can be anyone willing to live with a consumer, provide support as needed around the clock, and care like family. All family and non-family caregivers are credentialed by our professional teams.


The Caregiver Homes model of Structured Family Caregiving is recognized as Adult Foster Care or Adult Family Living in Ohio.


For many people with disabilities, the option to be supported at home with familiar surroundings, routines and people is not only a viable choice, but also one that can provide short and long-term health benefits. And many caregivers also find that once they have the training and support they need, caring for a loved one at home is a source of personal pride and satisfaction.

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