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Cultural Sensitivity and Medication Management: Reconciling Personal Beliefs with Care Plans

In Spanish we have a funny joke, which I think is universal: There’s a girl who is always praying to God to win the lottery. “I’m a good person,” she cried. “I really need this. Help me win the lottery, please.” One day, she got really upset about it and asked God why she hadn’t won yet, since she prayed every day. All of a sudden, she hears the voice of God say, “Maria, buy a ticket.”


In my work as an RN, I care for people of all cultures, heritages and religions, and sometimes I’ve seen prayer replace medication adherence. Personal beliefs sometimes feel in conflict with care plans for some consumers. By listening, educating, and creating an ongoing dialogue, care teams can be sensitive to different cultures and respect consumers’ faiths, while also giving them the best care possible.

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