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Remembering Cinderella: How Elders Can Benefit from Pets

Cinderella was a very smart cockapoo with brown and white curls. Born on January 12, 2000, she was a Y2K puppy. Cinder, as we affectionately called her, was also a dog with a remarkable story and life journey...

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Double Jeopardy Families

Double Jeopardy is a term used to describe families that are comprised of elderly caregiver parents providing supports to their aging children with intellectual/developmental disabilities (ID/DD). What creates the "double jeopardy" besides the effects of aging and disability status of the parent and adult child?...

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Why Hospital Case Managers and Discharge Planners Need to Know about Structured Family Caregiving

 When a person has completed inpatient treatment in a hospital and requires ongoing care, case managers or discharge planners have a responsibility to ensure the person transitions to a safe environment where they will not be at risk for re-hospitalization. ...

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Structured Family Caregiving In The Midwest

Community based services like Structured Family Caregiving become available to consumers when the state in which they reside opts to include those services in a Medicaid waiver. A waiver is a mechanism that enables a state ...

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Ohio–Our Unique Program and Unique Caregiver Needs

Caregiver Homes of Ohio serves individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities who specifically require a caregiver who is not a family member. Our model – known as Structured Family Caregiving – uses a stable family home situation for these consumers because we believe...

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