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Understanding the Behavioral Effects of Alzheimer's Disease

November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month. Alzheimer's Disease is not a "mental illness." It is a physical disease process that causes irreversible deterioration in the brain. All parts of the human brain, with the exception of the hearing center, can be affected throughout the disease process. For people caring for individuals with Alzheimer's Disease, it is important to know what changes will take place so you can understand them better...

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12 Tips for Keeping a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Safe and Comfortable at Home

Managing care of a loved one at home with Alzheimer’s Disease can be simplified by making some minor environmental adjustments. These adjustments are intended to simplify the world around those with Alzheimer’s, as well as accentuate their ...

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Photographs of My Grandfather

Life is a rolling reel. It has past, present and future. Life ebbs and flows in constant motion. Our memory is a series of photographs, moments frozen in time for us to remember, recall, relive. Some life photographs sneak up on us and resurface even when we don't want them to, and we put those back in the album--which is our memory--rather than holding them and reliving them. Some photographs from our life are beautiful, and we call on them when we want to remember. Our memory organizes our series of still shots of life into a nice, neat album with chronological order.

Life with dementia is a life full of moments, still photographs, no continuity or running reel. Life becomes one still shot at a time, jumbled in a box rather than an organized album. We wake in the morning not knowing what snapshot in time we will be looking at. The photographs can switch quickly from one moment to the next. Some are beautiful, some are scary, some we wish we could bury and never look at again. These are a couple of my photographs from my grandfather's battle with dementia.

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