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Spring Cleaning: An Opportunity To Make Your Home Safer For You And Your Loved One

Every year, we hear the expression, "It's time for spring cleaning!" This tradition is not only a chance to tidy up our homes, but also an opportunity for caregivers to create a safer environment for an elder or person with disabilities....

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Parkinson's Disease and Caregiving

If you are like me and love photography and Life Magazine, the name Margaret Bourke-White might mean something to you. Margaret Bourke-White was my first contact with a disease called Parkinson's, and I have been fascinated by this disease ever since. I was about 12 years old when I read an article in Life Magazine about one of its staff photographers and her battle to continue taking pictures in spite of the difficulties caused by Parkinson's disease. Even with balance problems and fine motor control deficits, Ms. Bourke-White continued with her award-winning, internationally-acclaimed photography from the time of her diagnosis in 1952 until about 1959. After that, she went on to write several books.

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How Caregiver Homes Helps Prevent Injuries Due to Falling at Home

Imagine this is you in a scenario that many families served by Caregiver Homes have faced in the past: It’s Saturday afternoon, the chores are done, weekend shopping completed, you’ve just settled down to kick back for the rest of ...

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