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The Working Consumer: Finding Independence for People with Developmental Disabilities


When someone receives care from a caregiver, people often assume that they have lost their independence. But often for people with developmental disabilities, it’s just the opposite. Many people with developmental disabilities currently hold minimum-wage jobs while receiving care. They hop out of bed, go through their morning routine, commute to work, and return home later with experiences to share about their day—all while earning a paycheck. Despite their disability, with the support and encouragement of their caregiver and care team, they are able to gain a sense of independence and manage their working life...


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Top 3 New Year’s Commitments for Care Teams

The New Year is a great time to reflect, acknowledging your accomplishments and observing the opportunities to improve in the year to come. As members of care teams who support caregivers, elders and individuals with disabilities, the beginning of a new year is a chance to find ways to improve care management and planning. It is also a time to consider new approaches to relationship building in order to achieve quality, person-centered care.

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3 Traits of Non-family Caregivers Who Care Like Family

Elders and individuals with disabilities who require daily assistance with personal care may need extra support to live and thrive in their communities. One of the biggest challenges in providing supports to elders and people with disabilities is identifying individuals...

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Emergency Preparedness for People with Mobility Challenges

In our work with people with disabilities, we are committed to a philosophy of "People-First" – putting the person as the center of our supports without focusing on his or her disability. However, there is one situation where someone's disability needs to be a primary consideration: Emergency Preparedness...

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