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Supporting Families In End Of Life Conversations

I've had the conversation more times than I can count, and many more times than I have cared to. It's the conversation that is more taboo than religion, more divisive than politics: it's the discussion with an individual and their family...

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When The Roles Are Reversed: Caring For Your Parents

I was settling in for a lazy Saturday. The kids had slept in late. Breakfast had been a breeze. The snow was finally melted, and the kids were excited to go into the backyard to play. I had a new mug from Starbucks that I was eyeing ...

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Caregivers Need Support, Too – Tips for Friends and Family of Caregivers

My Aunt Rita cared for her son who had multiple health needs. She kept him home instead of having him live in a group home. I remember heading down West Shore Road for the cursory visit – I surely didn’t ...

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