Caregiver Homes and Seniorlink work collaboratively with a wide variety of partners, including the following organizations.

Managed Care Plans: Caregiver Homes works with all kinds of managed care organizations-PACE, Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans, Integrated Care Organizations and other at-risk organizations - to serve elders & individuals with disabilities. Most managed care organizations have a core competency in managing the cost and quality of medical services and outcomes, but benefit from a partnership with Caregiver Homes around long-term services and supports which can strongly influence medical costs and outcomes.

States: Caregiver Homes partners with states around their long-term services and supports strategy, and the potential implications for care coordination and medical cost and quality. Caregiver Homes also partners to evaluate the potential for its service model to serve elders with complex medical issues and individuals with disabilities who currently reside in nursing facilities or are at-risk of admission to a facility.

Physicians:  More than 1,800 physicians to date have recommended the Caregiver Homes service model for their adult clients. Caregiver Homes collaborates with physician organizations to provide data and insight from the home environment and support compliance with physician visits, medications, physical therapy, and other physician-directed medical care.

Community-Based Organizations: Caregiver Homes works with AAAs, ASAPs, ILCs, and other community-based information and referral organizations to direct consumers to services and to make the Caregiver Homes model available to appropriate individuals and their families.

Service Providers: Service providers to elders and individuals with disabilities are sources of insight, referrals, and day-to-day partners for Caregiver Homes.  These include home health care agencies, visiting nurse services, hospice providers, and others.  Caregiver Homes supports the caregiver as the primary hands-on provider of assistance with ADLs and IADLs and care coordinator (e.g. doctors visits, medication compliance).  Specialized services and equipment may be necessary to enable the adult to remain safe and healthy at home and Caregiver Homes works with other providers to provide this support.

If your organization is interested in working more closely with us or in new ways, we welcome that discussion. Contact Caregiver Homes or Matt Lockwood Mullaney, VP Business Development, at 617-456-3758.


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