Mission & Values


Seniorlink was founded in 2000 by E. Byron Hensley, Jr. Impassioned by his own family caregiving experience, Mr. Hensley wanted to expand the choices available to other families in need of care and support. In 2005, Seniorlink launched Caregiver Homes, with innovative Structured Family Caregiving for both elders with complex medical issues and adults with significant disabilities. Caregiver Homes currently supports more than 2,300 individuals at home. We believe the Structured Family Caregiving model of around-the-clock, at-home care for elders with complex medical issues and individuals with disabilities can benefit families in every state, and save money for state Medicaid programs as well.

Byron on a mission.

Byron Hensley explains the organization’s core values and why they are so important to him and everyone at Caregiver Homes and Seniorlink.



Byron speaks about quality.



Byron speaks about relationships.




Byron speaks about productivity.







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