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A family friendly model of caregiving.

Caregiver Homes from Seniorlink is an innovative, proven model of full-time in-home care and support for elders and individuals with disabilities that offers families a quality alternative to care that depends on facilities or home health aides. Through financial assistance, as well as dedicated care managers and nurses who provide daily support and monitoring to ensure success for both the consumer and caregiver, Caregiver Homes makes it possible for families to provide around-the-clock care for elders and those with disabilities.


We began Caregiver Homes in 2005 because we felt that caring for loved ones at home should be an option that is available to families. And we believed that caregivers should have access to the support they need. In addition to giving families a choice, caregiving at home is more cost effective for Medicaid than nursing facilities. Through a pilot program in Massachusetts, Caregiver Homes tested this new model of care: 24/7 care by a professionally supported, paid live-in caregiver of the consumer’s choosing. The pilot proved that elders needing help with three or more personal care needs-often with multiple chronic conditions—could be cared for at home at half the cost of nursing facility placement.


In response to the pilot, Massachusetts made Structured Family Caregiving—known in the Commonwealth as Enhanced Adult Foster Care—a permanent part of its Medicaid program for individuals with complex care needs from all backgrounds. Caregiver Homes took on its first consumer in February 2007. Since 2007, enrollment has grown rapidly as awareness of Caregiver Homes has grown. Caregiver Homes now proudly serves more than 2,300 consumers across Massachusetts, Rhode Island (2010), Ohio (2012), Indiana (2013), and Connecticut (2014).

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